Richter Watkins’ powerful non-fiction political analysis AMERICA ON SUICIDE WATCH describes the self-inflicted wounds that destroy great nations.

Richter Watkins’ powerful non-fiction political analysis AMERICA ON SUICIDE WATCH describes the self-inflicted wounds that destroy great nations.

America is sleepwalking toward anarchy. We are one major crisis away from falling apart.

Watkins’ eye-opening revelations shed light on how the radical left is systematically destroying the American ‘idea’. He advocates a national resurgence of the fundamental American values and a rebellion against the corrupt Washington establishment oligarchy. It may be our last opportunity to save everything we have fought for throughout our history.

Watkins’ book is an ‘I’m mad as hell’ anti-establishment wakeup call. From our near fatal birth at Plymouth Rock to our historic battles against slavery, Nazism and communism he reveals who we are and what our current battle for survival demands of us. It’s time to return America to its innate greatness and stop bowing to the progressive agenda.

Richter Watkins America On Suicide Watch
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"It is in America's DNA to rise up and fight to regain her freedom and reignite the torch of liberty, that is, and always has been, our manifest destiny."

"Good intentions infused with bad ideas driven by a sense of moral absolutism in politics have always created hell on earth."

"This nation was built on the rejection of centralized power, opting instead for a value of freedom and individualism."

"The suicide of a great nation is always preceded by generations that have lost contact with the core values that made their societies great in the first place."

"Is our demise, as Lincoln feared, going to come from within?"

"The fundamental conflict facing America is whether its people are free to direct their own lives according to their personal beliefs and values in an open marketplace or whether they are nothing but cogs in the omniscient social justice Superstate?"


Grassroots America feels it has lost its heritage and is being robbed of its future by elites who serve powerful interest groups and not the people who put them in power. And they see their country in serious decline. There is the spreading realization that America as a culture has lost the sense of personal responsibility, of civility, and is falling to massive debt and global weakness that can only lead to a disastrous end. There is a growing fear that America is rapidly on its way to becoming a failed state whose intelligentsia, media and entertainment industry play a major roll in the decline.

America is staring into the abyss and, as Nietzsche suggested, the abyss is staring back. The shovels that dig the graves of nations are massive debt, corrupt bureaucracies and a leadership in the throes of delusional visions. It’s not the first time America faced destruction by its own misguided leaders.

The rebellion brewing isn’t a simple election insurrection by the disgruntled. It is a deep and profound awakening. America is once again facing a major civil and constitutional conflict.

The very beginning of this nation was nearly stillborn at Plymouth Rock when a collectivist religious order failed 400 years ago. But after that near disaster they were saved by an amazing reversal of course and the birth of a new ‘idea’ that would end up being codified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and lead to the greatest political experiment and success in history.

That great ‘idea’ of social, political and economic freedom is being seriously challenged once again by a renewed collectivist mindset. Socialist tribal collectivism keeps coming back, like the undead, just in different clothes.

Whether we can reverse course, as we have several times in the past, one thing is clear. Americans will not go quietly into the dark night.

The purpose of this book is to lay the groundwork, reveal the underlying conflict, and suggest the urgency of the battle ahead if we are to avoid the fate of those great nations who have failed to preserve their core values and committed suicide.

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  1. America’s Identity Crisis
  2. The Unmaking of America
  3. The Progressive Revolution
  4. The Second Coming
  5. The Dimming Light on the Hill
  6. A Heartland Insurgency Rising
  7. We the People
  8. The Catechism of State Supremacy
  9. A Tyranny of Moral Busybodies
  10. Lies, Big Lies, and Noble Lies
  11. The Imperial President
  12. Killing John Galt
  13. The Deathtrap of Debt
  14. Technology in a Mad Mad World
  15. Building the Progressive Superbase
  16. An American Clockwork Orange
  17. The Millennial Lion Awakens
  18. In the Center of the Storm