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Richter Watkins’ powerful non-fiction political analysis AMERICA ON SUICIDE WATCH describes the self-inflicted wounds that destroy great nations. America is sleepwalking toward anarchy. We are one major crisis away from falling apart.

Watkins’ eye-opening revelations shed light on how the radical left is systematically destroying the American ‘idea’. He advocates a national resurgence of the fundamental American values and a rebellion against the corrupt Washington establishment oligarchy. It may be our last opportunity to save everything we have fought for throughout our history.

Watkins’ book is an ‘I’m mad as hell’ anti-establishment wakeup call. From our near fatal birth at Plymouth Rock to our historic battles against slavery, Nazism and communism he reveals who we are and what our current battle for survival demands of us. It’s time to return America to its innate greatness and stop bowing to the progressive agenda.


The heart and soul of Watkins’ thrillers, action adventures and short story series are riveting struggles that carry the reader from Lake Tahoe to the deserts outside of Vegas, from the wild mountains of Cambodia to the dark underground of rebels in American cities.

In the dark depths of conflicted minds in his Murder Option series he reveals the thinking and decisions of people seeking justice by their own hands when the system fails them.

In the Cool series, featuring Marco Cruz, he has created a series with fast-paced action, and unexpected twists that will keep you reading well into the night.

His single title books take you from the jungles of Cambodia, to the underground society of Las Vegas.

All his work in fiction, no matter how wild the ride, is about something of consequence, challenging the core of human values in extreme circumstances.

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